Wag Swag Birthday dog gift box front
Wag Swag Birthday dog gift box with labradors
Wag Swag birthday dog gift box toys
Wag Swag birthday dog gift box close up
Wag Swag Birthday dog gift box dog toys
Labrador birthday dog gift box
Labrador dog gift box birthday pawty
Wag Swag golden retriever birthday gift box
Golden Retriever dog birthday gift box
French Bulldog Birthday dog gift box

Birthday Box

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Celebrate your pup's special day with a Wag Swag Dog Birthday Gift Box!

This curated box includes high-quality toys, a party hat, an all natural cookie, and healthy artisan treats to pamper your furry friend like the royalty they are.

With a customised gift box perfectly tailored for your dog's size, breed and gender, as well as a personalized card and the option to attach a photo, this box is sure to make their birthday unforgettable.

Supporting small local businesses and ensuring the best quality in all our products, we guarantee a paw-fect pawty!

Please note that some items and colors may vary due to stock and supplier availability, but rest assured that your dog will still be impressed and have the best birthday!